My creative process often begins with the chance first stroke of my brush on the canvas, ending with an increased search for the harmony of my composition.
As time passes, it finds its way in my thoughts. Imagination overflows, I amuse myself by imagining different places, situations, personalities that arouse in me an emotion, an attitude or a reaction that I want to describe or share through my paintings.
I like to let the colors waltz, whether they are screaming, provocative, soft shades or tone on tone. I love what they provoke or trigger in me as in others! An extraordinary feeling of happiness that I take pleasure in exteriorizing.

It is about creating an abstract work by playing with colors, techniques, shapes or materials. Still, the objective being to create a work that is faithful to what I am and to what I love.

My universe reflects an overflowing energy, a life full of laughter, happiness, sweet foolishness, enthusiasm and serenity.
Surrounded by so much love, how can one not want to let this happiness overflow on a canvas so that it, in turn, brings joy to others?
A pleasure to look at this integrated beauty may bring luck to those who acquire it. I like to believe it, why not? Since every painting is always born in the expression of a flowing and sincere emotion, the result is necessarily a part of me that I offer as a gift. Close to people, it often happens that the emotions they share with me bring out, in me, creations that are very different one from the other.

« Constantly in search of equilibrium, my paintings evolve with the work and the mastery of my technique. I also experiment from the brush to the fingers, from the palms of the hands to the spatula and sometimes to other accessories, I let my imagination go…. »